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Online dating algorithms 'make love more likely'

By Jane Maltby News picture

Online dating websites have a new trick it their virtual pocket, it would seem, drawing on the experience of years of developing systems to match single males and females for successful relationships.

The impact of internet development in areas such as ecommerce has been helpful for... read more


Online dating profiles and beyond

By Sharon Russell News picture

Online dating might seem to some like a long road with lots of unknown factors to consider.

Choosing an internet matching site that best fits your personality and the kind of relationship you're interested in finding is a good starting out point, so a little research at the beginning... read more


Online dating boosted by body language skills?

By Sharon Russell News picture

Online dating success could be improved through the use of favourable body language, or by being able to read someone else's physical signals, as actions might speak louder than words when it comes to finding love.

Single men and women who have signed up to internet matching sites might... read more


Online dating aficionados 'shouldn't give up'

By Jane Maltby News picture

Online dating lovers who are well used to the fun and frolics of internet matching should not feel disheartened if they go through a 'dry patch', it has been suggested.

The Chicago Sun Times reveals one commentator says "determination" is required to find Mr or Mrs Right -... read more


Baby boomers 'go mad' for online dating

By Jane Maltby News picture

Online dating is often considered the preserve of young individuals looking for fun or for someone to spend the rest of their life with.

Internet matching may initially have been overlooked by less IT-savvy romantics - such as the over-50s - due to unfamiliarity with computers or worries... read more


Online dating boosted by character judgement?

By Jane Maltby News picture

Online dating enthusiasts might already be enjoying success with internet matching services, but a little extra help never hurt anyone.

Wise Diva, penning the Misadventures in Atlanta blog, reveals: "I believe the most effective way to improve your dating results is to be mindful of a... read more


Online dating "a huge success"

By Sharon Russell News picture

Diving into the world of online dating has been "a huge success" for one woman, who enthuses about the triumph she's enjoyed when trying out internet matching sites.

Writing in the Surrey Comet, Felicity Fox reveals she wasn't sure about giving online dating a... read more


Are you flirting for online dating success?

By Sharon Russell News picture

Online dating success could be affected by the way you interact with potential partners, as a new study shows there are five distinct styles of flirting and they could have an impact on the kind of relationships you form.

Okay, so everyone knows there are many important elements when it... read more


Online dating - how not to do it

By Sharon Russell News picture

Online dating can be a fantastic experience, with many people meeting eligible singles for trips to the cinema, weekends away or long-term love.

But with so many ways to go about it and so much conflicting advice, what's the best method for meeting Mr or Mrs Right and what should you do... read more


Online dating - tips for first date success

By Sharon Russell News picture

Online dating can be fun, exciting, adventurous and life changing, but how do you take it to the next level?

Step one is to create a great personal profile to ensure you attract suitable, like minded individuals who share your passion for fashion or love of lacrosse.

Bending the... read more

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