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Love Meeting New People?

Online dating profiles and beyond

By Sharon Russell

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Online dating might seem to some like a long road with lots of unknown factors to consider.

Choosing an internet matching site that best fits your personality and the kind of relationship you're interested in finding is a good starting out point, so a little research at the beginning may pay dividends in the long run.

The Independent's tips for online dating touch on writing a strong personal profile, as this is the best way to attract eligible single males or females, advising: "Put the best bits first to grab someone’s attention and learn the art of showing rather then telling."

This means rather than saying how much you love sport, go into a little detail about the kind of activities you enjoy and what your involvement is. This will demonstrate true interest in the past time and might throw up interesting and unforeseen connections with that attractive other who also happens to enjoy pot-holing in Wales.

Another point offered by the publication is to avoid cliches or sounding too much like the statement is written with generic appeal in mind, so describing yourself as "fun loving" or "adventurous" without the details to back it up may put off cautious singletons.

And when it comes to writing the profile or that exciting first email, being honest about who you are and what you want is also key, as "you don’t want to waste your time or anyone else’s for that matter".

So letting people know if you only really want someone to enjoy theatre trips with is crucial, or misunderstandings could ensue.

Equally, while a single male or female might be open to the possibility of marriage in the long-run, launching into a discussion of kids names and your favourite breed of dog could give a poor impression and leave a love interest wondering whether someone is coming on a little too strong.

For that first online dating meet-up, thinking of an original activity could be a great way to break the ice and give you loads of things to talk about.

Why meet in a bar when you can try the local beer festival, or have dinner in a fancy restaurant if the annual food fayre is in town?

Such thoughtful touches can let a single guy or girl know not only that you've paid attention to their internet matching profile, but also that you’re innovative and not afraid to try new things - much better than simply claiming such attributes in a personal profile!

UK singles enjoying their first rendezvous are advised to listen to their paramour's chatter, as being attentive can reveal lots of clues about whether two singletons are a good match and if the date is likely to lead on to bigger and better things.

In the same vein, an online dating rendezvous might be a little clouded if too much alcohol is involved and it will be hard to analyse how interested that gorgeous guy or girl really was if your head is hazy from one too many glasses.

If you're worried about topics of conversation for the first encounter, think of your would-be other half's online dating profile and pick a few things from that. If they say they love travelling, ask where they've been, or if art is a particular point of interest, enquire as to their favourite pieces.

One word of warning from the Inde - steer clear of risky subjects such as politics or religion - anything you wouldn't bring up over Christmas dinner probably isn't great for a first date, so try to keep it light hearted.

So what to do if the single lady or gent really does turn out to be the person of your dreams? UK singles are advised not to treat the object of their affections like a "psychic", so staying in touch to show you're still interested could be crucial to maintaining a relationship.

Romantically-minded individuals should "tell [the other person] you had fun and you’d like to do it again some time", then "keep the messages regularly coming".

Every single day might be a little excessive, but ensuring a steady flow should mean all that hard work and fun of internet matching isn't lost and single guys and girls have a chance to meet for a fantastic second date. ADNFCR-2887-ID-800296614-ADNFCR